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My professional work has long since shifted away from what’s public on the web to many private applications across many organizations around the world. Below are some fun old project I did going through college and other odd times. See about me for more of the type of work I do.


One of the bigger solo project I have done for web development was called the Sandbox. It is a fully functional content management system that allows clients to login to their website and update written content, add new content, add pictures to their photo galleries, change descriptions for those pictures, update personal calendars and is expanding every day.

This site NicholasTuck.com use to be fully integrated through the sandbox. Home, About Me, Portfolio, Calendar were all updated and added to by the sandbox. Even though I have the capabilities to update the webpage, it is much easier just to login with my user name and password, click on what page I want to edit, and add any content I desire.

I helped setup and design all parts of sites that are sandbox integrated and I have listed some of those sites here as well, though I may or may not have helped design the website in it’s entirty I did play a major role in the integration through my Sandbox system. I made this system completly from scratch and completly on my own, though ideas bounced around the Brad’s Web Design team, I implimented everything single handedly and take much pride in this project.

There are some web design companies that do offer a system simliar to the Sandbox but are very complicated many times, and the client has to take lessons, usually through online videos, to understand how to use the system. The Sandbox is simple to use for anyone of any age, and we can show you in person exactly how to use it if you would like.

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Camid Tourney – Homework Assignment

For a internet system programming course I am taking at UNL we have a project that is a multitude of homework assignments that we will maintain and add to throughout the semester. The only data requirements was that it was some kind of sport tournament, so I have decided to make it a flag football tournament in hopes of selling it to some people I know who have formed a league.

The project will conclude of a completely dynamic web system, using a database back end, mixed with XML, XML Schemas, XSLT and of course the html/css output. We will also be using javascript and putting this all together to become what is now commonly referred to as ajax. So check it out while it evolves as this semester continues.

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Visit Camid Tourney by clicking HERE

Axis Technology Inc – Sales Rep Locator Map

I was contracted to create a dynamic map, that customers could use to find the closes sales representative in their area. This map was to be of high quality and nice design, therefore it is made in flash. I made this map from scratch, though I may have been able to save time using pre-made code, I feel a great accomplishment in this project. The map runs very smoothly, and is made in such a way that it is easy to add sales reps across the US and Canada. Check it out for yourself, it speaks for itself. You can use the link below to go straight to the map, or Axis Technology site is at

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View Axis Technologies Inc, Sales Locator Map

Hunt Irrigation

This site is one of the first sites finished by Brad’s Web Design. It is integrated into the Sandbox and I helped a tremendous amount compared to other websites completed by Brad’s Web Design.

Hunt Irrigation is a local innovative sprinkler company, that sells, installs and refurbishes sprinkler systems and parts throughout the area.

This project was quite a success as one of our first completed projects.

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Visit Hunt Irrigation by clicking HERE

Earl’s Steakhouse

This is an entire flash site I made when I was a Senior in High School. I made it for the local steakhouse restaurant’s named Earl’s Steak House. They desperately needed a website and I found myself wanting to try my hand at another flash website. So I took the liberty of trying to make one, in hopes they would see it and then really take on the idea of a website, as opposed to some crazy idea by a kid still in high school.

My manager loved it and took it up the food chain the owner who is not such a nice guy and too busy with his more successful restaurant in Omaha called Charlies on the Lake. So needless to say the owner dis-approved without looking at it because they did not have the money. Now at the time I just wanted my work used and charged super cheap. In retrospect I made a terrible bid ad $200 for the entire site, as I know now, that site would easily have been worth $5,000, if the client liked it that is.

Once I went to college though, Earls shut down within a few months. I still believe my website could have saved them.

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Visit my Earls Steakhouse flash by clicking HERE

The Kevin Bacon Game

This is a homework assigned in CSCE156. We had to create a program to find the Bacon Number between actors. If you don’t know what the Kevin Bacon Number is I will explain it:

The Bacon number someone has, is the number of movies connecting any actor to the actor Kevin Bacon. For instance Tom Hanks has a Bacon number of 1 as they played in Apollo 13 together. The idea was that every actor could be within 6 movies, so the game was also called 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which was very popular with radio shows for a while.

This is only hooked up to a very small movie database on the CSE server at UNL but for the most part has enough movies between famous actors to get from one actor to another. This was done in php and therefore if the process is too long may time out with some searches. But please try it out, it is fun, and it is one major accomplishment I have in real programming, that I can show online.

There is a user/password as we got extra credit for that.
User: nick
Password: jason123

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View Kevin Bacon Game by clicking HERE

Camid (second)

A remake of Camid ( First ) I changed the colors and again with the first one this was more of a learning experience then a real project. I learned a lot of flash programing through this test. I learned many capabilities flash had outside of just flash, interacting with files, variables in php etc…

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Visit Camid ( Second ) by clicking HERE