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Fundamental Experiences of Life

I was bored and decided to make a script to dynamically create a collage which was originally going to be filled with peoples names who have visited the site, or the named they are going to give anyways. However, I recently experienced events that I wouldn't have considered living life if I had never experinced these events, and it got me to thinking of all experiences that should be fundamental to everyone. So I decided to make the elements these "Fundamental Experiences" that I was curious of what all experiences we precieve as neccessary.

I have started the list with a few basic experiences, and though I have many more I could add I am more curious as to see which experiences everyone else believes are fundamental. So please post the fundamental experiences you believe everyone should go through at one time in there life, and if they didn't, it just wouldn't be life.

Please try not to repeat experiences or use vulgar langauge. Thank You!

Your Name:

Fundamental Experiences of Life

Attend ALL Levels of Education - Nicholas TuckGo to a Theme Park - Nicholas TuckGet Pulled Over - Nicholas TuckDrive a Car - Nick TuckBe falsely told that a girl likes you and send her roses before asking her to saudi arabia night - AnonymousDevelop a "Fundamental Experiences of Life" page for my website - Braduse "strip_slashes()" right - the moleHave a son! - Amanda TuckBuy a New Car! - Ryan TuckWreck a Car - Nick TuckTake a road trip! - AJtVggxyTGKrgmgvXv - dyzzuowhlh

Started 4/28/08