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About Me

About Nicholas Tuck

Hi, my name is Nicholas Tuck. Why you are here visiting this site I am unsure and why you want to read the About Me section I am more baffled. If you are here with a purpose then I am assuming you know me, otherwise why be here? If you do not know me well, I hope you are looking to give me a job because I have yet to be blessed with a stalker and so I would hate for you to be the one to pop my cherry.

Well since you read all that and you’re still here, why not give you something to read. I am a twenty + year old born and raised Californian until about [removed amount] years ago, when I so happily moved with my family to lovely Nebraska. Here I finished high school and recently completed my Bachelors of Sciences degree at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Nicholas-Tuck-Route-77 nicholas-tuck-guitar

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- Go Huskers

Nicholas Tuck Hobbies

Well lets see, I played hockey for five years back when I lived in California and haven’t touched the puck once now that I live in a world of ice, so when do I stop listing it as a hobby? Pretty much any sport that isn’t golf or soccer I love to play.

I love to go camping, fishing, hiking, everything you do when you go camping basically. I camp in a tent. Trailers, motor homes do not count as camping just because you park in between two trees. Almost have all my own camping gear, pretty excited to be able to not borrow any of my parents stuff, even if half the stuff I own is given to me by them because they bought new stuff.

I obviously enjoy making websites, animations, programs. I just started messing around with computers a long time ago and now this is the product of that experience, how exciting.




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-My Future Wife in our brand new Tent

Nick Tuck and Work

Well this site is an example of my work. I am a Computer Science Major as well as getting a Major in Math and a Minor in Physics. So my work is Computer Science, programming, web developer, software engineer etc. I have always enjoyed messing around with websites and we can see I have come so far. I use to target desktop applications however having been converted the Google way I see the cloud as the future just barely getting started.

I am best in Java EE, Flex, and PHP, and am really looking forward to being a part of the great minds at Google. I try to absorb as much as I can and drain it on the next project while absorbing more there, so if I stay at my dream job forever would be hard to say. But the dream job is first.

You can see of my early work in the Portfolio section of this site. It doesn’t have nearly close to everything I have created. However it is what I can show and I am not embarrassed by it.

I am currently working for CSSS.NET (C Triple S) as a GIS Software Engineer / Web Developer. I work out of Offut Air force Base at the Weather Agency building (AFWA). This job has offered me a lot of experience and opportunity to excel in learning and leading others to learn with me. I am thankful for the opportunity I have at AFWA.

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-Some say Nerd I say Genius

Nick Tuck and Amanda Tuck

I recently got married to Mrs. Amanda Tuck. We met when we were both Freshman in high school. Through the past [many] years we ended up together knowing we love each other and no one else would compare.

She is going to be a Nurse, after graduating a tech school to become a Medical Assistant, completing general education classes at a community college she has been accepted for Clarkson University.

We got married December 1st of 2007. Thank you to all of those that came and experienced the very special occasion with us, it was a day we will never forget.

We had our first son April 5th, 2009. Ryan was the best thing to ever happen to us.

Amanda Tuck blanket

Amanda Tuck Camping

Amanda Tuck

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-I Love You Amanda

The Tuck Family

So either you are really interested in me or you are a family member thinking why is family on the bottom and where is my name. Either way, I will remain nameless so no one feels left out.

When I left California most of my family lived there, while some were in Arizona and others in Nevada. Now they are spread between those three states somewhat evenly. I love my family especially in the fact that family is important enough to travel hundreds of miles out to Nebraska for high school graduation. Save up family College Graduation is soon.

Once Amanda and I are both done with school we plan on moving to California wherever my job may take me. So I will be a lot closer to my extended family. My direct family though seem to be setting up camp in Nebraska which is their decision no matter how many people would choose otherwise. But I love my family enough so that when they graduate college I will come back and be here with them too.

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-I love you All